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Sales Tax Solutions and Consulting specializes

in the area of sales and use tax. We are a highly qualified, highly experienced company that has helped numerous businesses save and recover millions of dollars. Although we are based in New York we have provided services and are experienced in all fifty states as well as Canadian taxes.   

We provided a wide range of services that appeal to every business from the small mom & pop operations to fortune 500 companies.

Are you being audited?

Don't go it alone! Most sales tax audits are overpaid when the taxpayer does not hire a qualified sales tax representative. We have a proven record of results when it come to reducing sales tax audit liability.   

Are you Concerned about being audited?

The last place you want to find out that you have a sales tax issue is under audit. States are becoming more and more aggressive and creative in conducting audits and collecting taxes. Sales Tax Solutions and Consulting can help you prepare for an audit and keep liabilities down. A large percentage of taxpayers overpay on sales tax audits because they either did not know the law, their rights or did not hire a sales tax consultant. We will not let that happen to you. Call today and ask about our Compliance Review Program.

Are you a manufacture?

"We are paying the correct amount of sales tax." Or "we don't pay a lot of sales tax." We have heard this so many times from so many different companies and you know what nearly all of them overpaid on their sales tax. In many states there are exemptions and credits that a lot of companies do not know about or they are vague and unclear so they overpay. Sales Tax Solutions and Consulting can help educate, clarify, and recover your money. The best part is we do not get paid until you get a check from the State. See our Services page for more information on Refund Reviews.

"Sales tax laws and compliance rules are constantly changing how do we keep up?" Easy call us. We can help you with every aspect of sales tax compliance from training and understanding law or how to fill out forms to managing and acting as your business' personal sales tax department. We offer a large variety of services with a range of involvement that suites your specific needs. The best part is we have a flexible billing structure that give you control of costs.

Why you should chose Sales Tax Solutions and Consulting?

1.      We have a proven track record, just ask us for references.

2.      We have extensive experience and knowledge in the sales/use tax arena.

3.      We focus solely on sales/use and transaction taxes.

4.      We have flexible a billing structure which makes us affordable to all businesses.

5.      We maintain high standards of ethics, values, and principles.

Ask us about our Audit Defense Protocols!

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